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Mediocre season – City to evade relegation

Posted by Daniel Stone on August 7, 2007

relegation.jpgThis is the first part of a series of four sections. With the Premiership set to kick off next Saturday everybody is getting their fantasy team together and giving their predictions for the up and coming season. So here are my predictions of how teams will fare in the Premiership this season, divided in four sections. The first section will be those teams who get to 28 games played and no longer have anything to play for (positions 11 – 15). The second part will be analyzing those teams that have potential to do something this season (positions 6 – 10). The penultimate section will be stating which teams will be involved in a scrappy dog fight (positions 16 -20). This analysis will be finished by (dare I say) predicting who will be the Premiership Champions for the 2007/2008 season. 

11th PositionEverton 

Everton have been fairly inactive this season in the transfer market, having made three signings so far this season. Leighton Baines and Phil Jageilka are great reinforcements. I think David Moyes did a great job last season guiding them to the Uefa Cup finishing in 6th position. They have recently been linked to Lucho Gonzalez of Porto for £11 million which would be a real coup considering Real Madrid had been chasing him a few weeks back. (Although Real seem to be after any player that has two legs!) There is potential in this team and if their top players peak they could be a real force in Europe. Being involved in so many competitions could affect their Premiership form though as they do not have much strength in depth.

Key man: Andy Johnson 

12th PositionAston Villa 

Martin O’Neil has been trying to calm Aston Villa fans by telling them reinforcement will arrive, however, in less than a month the transfer window closes and Aston Villa have been very inactive in the transfer market so far. They have sold quite a few players and with the takeover last season there was supposed to be an injection of cash, but this hasn’t been the case. Maybe O’Neil has something lined up before the transfer window closes. (Aston Villa fans hope!) I think he is a great manager BUT if the reinforcements don’t arrive soon Aston Villa will struggle to creep into the top ten.

Key man: Stilian Petrov 

13th PositionManchester City 

I think it will be unlucky 13 for City. Much has already been discussed about Sven and his signings, all of different nationalities and many that don’t speak English. This all has the ingredients for Manchester City to struggle with a team that will need plenty of time to gel together. On the bright side I don’t think that they will get relegated, can you imagine how Sven would cope in a British dog fight? For Sven’s sake I hope this isn’t the case.

Key man: Micah Richards 

14th PositionFulham 

Fulham have already made some good signings and they seem to be signing Hameur Bouzza from Watford, a player I really rate, BUT I think they will struggle to challenge the top half of the table. They finished last season on a dreadful run and I think Sanchez has a real hard job on his hands. Good luck to him though he seems to know what he is doing. Ironic how different the last two teams are. Sanchez signs players he knew from his Northern Ireland days and Sven buys players he probably had never heard of a few weeks back! That’s the problem with Fulham though; I don’t think the Northern Ireland contingency offer much quality for the Premiership.

Key man: Jimmy Bullard 

15th PositionReading 

Reading had a great season last year exceeding expectations and challenging for Europe. However, this summer they haven’t recruited many players and most notable lost Steve Sidwell to Chelsea on a Bosman. After last season’s great performance I think it is essential Reading freshen things up but they have so far failed to do so. I think this year they will struggle and will be affected by the second season syndrome.

Key man: Leroy Lita


4 Responses to “Mediocre season – City to evade relegation”

  1. David said

    I have to disagree with your Manchester City prediction. Sven may not be the best manager but i think the money he has will help. The team has drastically improved in quality and sven has had expierence in making mid table teams to a top class outfit(such as Lazio). I can definetly see a top half finish and would not be suprised to see them get in UEFA. but agree with the other mid- tables finish

  2. stoneysubaru said

    Sven has had a very good start, City looked really good against West Ham, I am not sure if it was because West Ham were disappointing or City made them looked average, probably a combination of both. The season is very long though and I have no doubt Sven will go through rough stages, let’s see how he comes out of them.

  3. Ed Sunman said

    personally i think everton will get around 8th place this season. They aren’t looking too bad and even this early on, the table is looking good for them.

  4. stoneysubaru said

    Everton have got off to a great start and have pulled off a real coup in signing Yakubu, I really didn’t think they had that kind of money to spend. They do have quite a long season ahead having to play in the UEFA Cup and their squad still looks a bit thin. However, as you rightly say they have good potential to achieve a top 10 finish.

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